Just bough a "tower" style power strip, in the hopes that it would reduce the problem of large power plugs blocking neighbouring sockets.
It worked partially, at least now a big power plug only blocks a single neighbouring socket instead of (potentially) two on a long horizontal power strip.

Still, not entirely happy with the solution.

What are you guys all doing for power strips when you've got a lot of large power plugs?

Just ran a little stress test on my Udoo board. It has a 2.5 GHz Intel Pentium N3710, passively cooled with a heat sink which looks a bit small to me.

But with stress -c 4, it was still able to deliver 2.5 GHz on all 4 cores for about 5 minutes before it started throttling.

Newest member of the cluster: An Udoo x86 II Ultra with 8 GB of RAM and a low power Intel CPU.

When I migrate my Homelab completely to Raspberry Pis, this will serve as the sole x86 node to run things which don't support ARM.

Another Pi CM4 8 GB for the for a current total of five. The sixth one is also on the way. 🎉

Yeah, sure. How to demonstrate that your economic knowledge trends towards negative infinity?

Argue for Germany leaving the EU.

Now a quick trial of picture sharing, using a screenshot of my Mastodon monitor.

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