@Wivik Excellent! Can you please find the Devs and send them to the other side of the Rhine to Germany? We have dire need for some good public transport app developers.

While we"re at it: Why exactly does every public transport authority think they need their own (mediocre at best) app? It's not like there is significant difference between public transport in Stuttgart or Hamburg. Or Stuttgart and Toulouse, for that matter.

Just bough a "tower" style power strip, in the hopes that it would reduce the problem of large power plugs blocking neighbouring sockets.
It worked partially, at least now a big power plug only blocks a single neighbouring socket instead of (potentially) two on a long horizontal power strip.

Still, not entirely happy with the solution.

What are you guys all doing for power strips when you've got a lot of large power plugs?

@ruhrscholz They have to, especially for the Web3 stuff. How else would they get their non-techy marks to put their money into their Ponzi scheme?

I'm still getting mails from my single user Mastodon server about new trending hashtags to approve. I don't care about those, as this is a single user instance.

But: It is a very nice way to know that the mail sending setup in my homelab still works. 😂

@ademalsasa I've been using Emacs for about 5 years now, Vim before that. I'm using spacemacs, because I really don't fancy pressing 7 keys at the same time to do something. 😉

I'm using it for programming in a number of languages, mostly Python and Go at the moment, previously a lot of C++. I'm also using it for blogging/markdown files as well as config files for my homelab.

The final post of the Netbooting a Raspberry Pi series: blog.mei-home.net/posts/rpi-ne

Note especially the point at the end: Does anybody have a good book on technical blogging/writing, especially style, which goes a bit beyond "Here are the 12 points every blogger should keep in mind"?

And another post from my "Netbooting a Raspberry Pi" series:

I'm rather proud of my productivity this fine weekend.

Okay, this was a fun 10 minutes. The hashtag chinacoup was in my Twitter trendings and tweets were saying that Xi Jinping was arrested. I was muttering a lot of "ah fuck" under my breath. Until I realized that it was only Indian twitter accounts and nobody else.

Twitter is really weird sometimes.

Finished the next installment of my ""Netbooting a Raspberry Pi" series:

This time, I'm explaining how to create a Raspberry Pi image with Hashicorp Packer using the very cool binfmt_misc kernel feature and chroots.


While writing the article, I realized how long it had gotten. So I decided to move the Ansible playbook and the final deployment to later articles.

@jalefkowit Thanks Jason. It's not like I don't already have enough blogs on my roll. 😒 😬

@joel Wait until you discover "organizing the lecture notes" or "digitizing the lecture notes with LaTex". Just close enough to actually studying that you're not even going to have a bad conscience. 😇

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I just found out about prose.sh/

Publishing blog content with scp and ssh. I love the simplicity of it!

re: Interpreting Putin's new moves on Ukraine 

@jalefkowit Yepp. If it didn't involve so many dead Ukrainians, I would still be laughing about Poland finding itself in the position of of dragging Germany kicking and screaming into something, instead of being the one doing the kicking and screaming.

re: Interpreting Putin's new moves on Ukraine 


In conjunction of both of your points 1): I'm personally surprised (and a bit proud) how well the EU has held together up to now, especially with my own country of Germany (looking like) dragging their feet in the beginning.

If the referenda are not completely and utterly bungled, this war is pretty much over where the west is concerned. Especially after the winter we are looking at now.

@modulux @jalefkowit

Same here.

It's going to be interesting to see the internal reaction to the mobilization. Perhaps this will finally be the time for everybody to bury the "Putin's War" pipedream. Or I'm finally going to be proven wrong and he will be gone by Sunday.

I need to go on Amazon more often. I completely missed that Rebecca Gable published a new Waringham novel. 😍

@10leej Eh, I'm a Build Engineer in my day job. Compile errors get fixed entirely in my subconsciousness. 😉

@10leej Gentoo, at this point mostly for familiarity. It was my first Linux and served me well for the past 15 years.

Bonus: I've always got a "good" reason to buy the shiniest new CPU. 😅

Difficult decision: Repurpose my testing/experimenting Raspberry Pi 4 as my DMZ host?

Pi 4 4GB are pretty hard to come by at the moment, and I would like to have a dedicated "Bastion Host" Pi.

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